Monday, September 17, 2007

Teacher's Note : 2 weeks till holidays. Have been working on some self portraiture at home will post them when complete. I'm looking forward to the holidays to get into it. I have had a little let down feeling over the last few weeks, it happens every year and I just realised what it is. It takes untill term three for me to realise that some of my TEE students are not as interested in Art generally as I believe them to be. Earlier in the year I interpret their struggle as a workload issue predominantly. By term 3 I realise that they never really enjoyed art, they did it for all sorts of reasons and that its not too high on the priority list. The commitment to work beyond simply dabbling and socialising is just not there. I find myself busting a gut trying to work out what the inertia is. Its really strange and frustrating. This isn't all of them, just most. Got to focus on the positives.....Yep!

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